Ed Huffman - Master Treasure HunterI've gained years of experience while hunting for artifacts and learning effective researching and hunting methods from my own hunts and other expert artifact hunters. I don't just hunt for lost artifacts. I aim to find them. I have located artifacts for Archaeologists, National Park Services, Government, Historic Museums and Private Employers . Artifact hunting is not just a dream for me. It is my business and passion. 

Unique Experience

Locating what you're searching for involves not only skill and experience in using tools such as metal detectors, but it also means doing your homework. This is where I excel. I graduated with my BS Degree at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga with a concentration in Research Methods and History.  I have 20+ years experience with high tech metal detecting equipment, using geological clues and historical documentation recovering artifacts. - This makes me uniquely qualifed to assist you in discovering the rich history beneath us.