I am certified by the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation for "Metal Detecting Ethics" and Research Coordinator at Task Force History. I've done artifact recovery work for such respected organizations as the National Park Service, Georgia Land Trust, Alabama Park Service, Winston County AL Sheriff's Department, Blount County Historic Museum, Cades Cove Preservation Association and the Harmony Family Center, Inc. This means that I will show professionalism, expertise, and respect in my recovery efforts. I always use caution and care while locating and retrieving the item and leaving your property basically the same as it was before digging. I follow ethical recovery practices and video document the identification process, location, & depth of recovery. In addition, I am fully insured against injury and damage.


What Organizations Have Said


Ed Huffman has "shown professionalism, expertise, and respect during [his] recovery efforts by not damaging the relics on our land." - The Harmony Family Center, Inc.
"We would highly recommend [Ed Huffman of] Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors . . . We look forward to our future finds." - Cades Cove Preservation Association/ Museum Curator