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I think all of us have experienced the feeling of horror as we realize we've lost something of value to us. This often happens when a spouse loses her treasured wedding ring or we lose a piece of jewelry that's been in the family for years. In a majority of the cases these items of emotional or monetary value are lost in parks, yards, while hiking, or recreating with our families. This is where I can help! I have expertise and experience searching in yards, parks, mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches and more.

Here's How

Using my skills as an experienced metal detectorist of 22 years and a former detective for the State of Tennessee, I offer to come to your aid in locating that lost ring. I've been doing this both as a hobby and business for years. I've found items that have included rings, coins, jewelry, property markers and artifacts. If you are outside of my area then I have other Artifact Recovery Specialists throughout the United States in my network that I can arrange to recover your lost item!







Search Time Hourly Rate $100 ~ Search Time Hourly Rate includes travel time if you are within a 20 mile radius of our Recovery Experts. If you are outside of the 20 mile radius then travel time will be added!

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